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Make your own Painting Medium.make your own painting medium

We have put together Linseed Stand Oil and Zest-it for those who wish  make a Painting Medium for their own use.

50 ml of best best quality Linseed Stand Oil which we use to make our own Painting Mediums with 100 ml Zest-it.

To make your own painting medium you will need:-

A container that holds at least 150 ml (1/8 Imperial pint) with a lid, preferably glass.
A hand stirring device that can access the above container, that you are willing to reserve for this use or dispose of.

Caution:- Linseed Stand Oil is very thick, sticky and gelatinous, also slow to pour. The 50 ml Linseed Stand Oil is un undiluted form. Undiluted Stand Oil when used/left on towels and cloths can self-ignite. Either dry the cloths flat or immerse in water before sealing in an airtight container. Dispose of according to local regulations. Stand Oil has a strong odour, work in a well ventilated area.


You can either pour the Stand Oil into the Zest-it or visa versa, but pouring Stand Oil into Zest-it makes mixing easier.
Add your 100 ml Zest-it to your clean, dry, 150 ml+ container. Add a quantity of Stand Oil and stir. Watch as you stir the ingredients together, because the oil is thick, it takes a considerable amount of stirring, to incorporate the oil into the Zest-it, as it clings to the sides of the container. You will see 'swirls' of the oil slowly mixing with the Zest-it, stir until 'no swirls' can be seen.
Keep adding the oil until all is incorporated into the Zest-it.
This will give you a painting medium very similar to our Clear Painting Medium.
If you want a 'leaner' mix, then add less Stand Oil to the Zest-it; try adding just 25 ml of oil to 100 ml Zest-it.
If you want a 'fatter' mix, then add less Zest-it to the Stand Oil; try only 80 ml of Zest-it to the 50 ml of oil.
Label with the date made, store in a cool dry place and keep away from children.

Clean-up with a cloth dampened with Zest-it. Dispose of empty bottles, used cloths etc., responsibly. Wash hands after use.

If you already use Zest-it you can purchase just Linseed Stand Oil and follow the same procedure.
We do make a 'lean' painting medium which will be on the site soon. Alternatively add extra Zest-it to our Clear Painting Medium.

Note:- You may have read that Painting Mediums, made with Stand Oil and other solvents, are slow to dry and that can be the case.
The Linseed Stand Oil supplied in this kit is the same product we use to make our Zest-it Clear Painting Medium. Many test have been carried out; by professional artists, leisure artists, decorative artists and under laboratory conditions, where it has been found that our Clear Painting Medium dries in about 36 hours, often over-night.


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Suitability for Use
The information contained in this document is furnished without warranty of any kind. Whilst every care is taken to maintain the highest standards of quality, J. & T. Blackman Ltd. whish to make it clearly understood that it is the users responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for his or her own particular requirements. In no circumstances can claims be entertained for the value of work alleged to be spoilt by the use of a product which proves unsatisfactory, the makers liability being confined to replacement of any product proved to be defective in respect of materials or workmanship.


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